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No Relation is located within Shore Leave, a tropical bar located at 11 William E. Mullins Way (William E. Mullins Way is the small street that connects Harrison Ave. & Washington St. across from Whole Foods driveway). When you enter, walk down the stairs to Shore Leave and check-in at the host stand. They can direct you to No Relation. 

How do I make a reservation? What does the reservation include?

To make a reservation go to to check availability and purchase your seats. We open reservations 30 days in advance for two seatings a night, 6 pm or 8:30 pm. Reservations go live for booking at 8 am. Currently, we have seatings Tuesday–Saturday. If there is a specific date you are waiting for it is best to create a Resy profile and add a credit card prior to reserving at No Relation. The space is small and seating is limited. Weekends tend to fill up quickly and a pre-existing profile with a credit card streamlines the reservation process. 

Reservations at No Relation are a two-hour experience. No Relation serves an omakase menu which typically consists of up to 14 courses. The menu is $150 (excluding 7% tax and 22% administrative fee). All taxes and fees are prepaid along with the omakase at the time of purchase. Beverages & pairings may be purchased while dining at No Relation. 

Why is there a 22% administrative fee?

We do not accept gratuity at No Relation. This charge goes directly to benefit staff & chefs at No Relation.

Why do I need a credit card for a reservation?

The omakase at No Relation is a prepaid experience.  Due to our small size and the sourcing of our products we require payment in advance. Please note, your reservation is not processed until you have provided payment. 

How do I cancel or change a reservation?

Please email us at for ANY changes to reservations. Resy does not allow for multiple bookings under the same profile, so if you try to add a guest to your party or reserve multiple reservations the system will cancel your booking. The best way to make changes is to contact us via email.

Reservations at No Relation are prepaid ticketed experiences. Reservations can be canceled with a full refund 7 days before your reservation by 5 pm. 

If you need to cancel your reservation within 7 days (after the cutoff time for a refund) please contact us at  If we can fill your seats with our waitlist we will refund your experience but there are no guarantees that we will be able to do so. If we cannot fill the seats, we cannot offer a refund.

You may gift or transfer seats to others. 

If you would like to change your reservation time or date, we recommend canceling your existing reservation and reserving your preferred date and time. We cannot reschedule existing reservations.

All refunds typically take 5–7 business days.

Do you have a waitlist?

You can add yourself to a waitlist via Resy.

How can I make a reservation for a party of 6 or more?

A party of 6 or more people would need to reserve a private event. Because reservations fill quickly we recommend looking outside the availability window to ensure that you have a date that works for you. We limit the number of guests that can book at one time for the best interest of your party and others that may be joining the same seating.

Do you do private events?

Yes, if you have a party of 6 or more guests or you want to host close friends or colleagues for a special occasion we offer seating buyouts or you have the option to have a full buyout for the evening.  A seating buyout would be very similar to a regular seating, offering the traditional 14-course omakase with an option for additional bites and supplements.  Full buyouts have additional menu options and may be able to accommodate more than 9 people. If you would like to learn more about pricing, check availability, or reserve a private event please fill out the form on the website or email We can accommodate events on Sundays or Mondays on a case-by-case basis based on the availability. 

What if there is snow or other public emergency?  

If there is a snow emergency and public transportation must close or we are unable to open, we will refund your reservation and you can reserve with us at a later date. Acts of God, government authority, disaster, strikes, civil disorders, or other emergencies, any of which make it illegal or impossible to provide the facilities and/or services of your event will result in cancelation. It is provided that this reservation may be terminated for any one of such reasons by written notice from one party to the other without liability. 

We cannot reschedule existing reservations due to emergencies. 

Do you have pairings?

We do! Our beverage pairing consists of both sake and wine and is thoughtfully paired to your omakase. We are happy to accommodate if you prefer a pairing of only sake or wine. Just let us know.

Can I order drinks from Shore Leave during my omakase at No Relation?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to provide drinks from Shore Leave to No Relation guests during the omakase. We do, however, encourage you to join Shore Leave on their patio or downstairs at the bar prior to or after your reservation at No Relation. 

I have a dietary restriction/celiac? Can you accommodate a vegetarian diet?

No Relation is entirely gluten-free. We are unable to accommodate fin-fish allergies or vegetarians/vegans.  Please let us know if you have any allergies or restrictions when you make your reservation.  We will also ask about allergies when you join us for your reservation in the event there have been any new additions to the menu. If you prefer less rice or no rice please also let the chefs know as this is something they can also accommodate.

Can I see the menu ahead of time?

There is a sample omakase menu available on the website. This menu is an example of the offerings at No Relation but is not necessarily an accurate reflection of specific dishes that are offered on any given evening. 

How do I make a reservation if I have a gift card?

Please email us at and we can help book your reservation. We do require a credit card number to hold and guarantee your reservation. Once in the space, we can process your gift card and apply it to your omakase balance. Gift card reservations are held to the same cancellation policy as regular reservations.

What do I do if I’m running late?

Please let us know if you are running late by texting a reply to your confirmation text before your reservation. Although we understand that things happen, please note that being even 15-30 minutes late can affect your experience.  The chefs will do their best to catch you up if you have missed any courses.

Why doesn’t anyone answer the phone when I call?

All calls are sent to voicemail 30 minutes before our first service to not affect the guests' experience while in the space. Please feel free to reach out before 5:30 pm with any questions or concerns and we will do our best to respond. The best way to reach us is to email us at

Can I walk in and grab a seat if I don’t book a reservation in advance?

The best place to check for last-minute availability is Resy. We will also announce availability and cancelations on our Instagram account: @norelationbos

Because we have 9 seats, there may be a single seat available on any given night. 

You are always welcome to check availability and join us if we have the seat open. If you are at Shore Leave and have an interest in No Relation, always ask. We are happy to welcome you without a reservation if we have availability. If you are looking to treat yourself on a whim, we always love it when someone comes in unexpectedly to #bethe9thseat!

Where can I park?

No Relation offers discounted parking for the lot at the corner of Albany Street & Traveler Street, INK UNDERGROUND (Laz Lot #5, 90 Traveler St.). The lot is located beneath Interstate 93. Please bring your parking ticket to the No Relation for a validation sticker. Parking costs $5 per car and can be paid in the lot. 

PLEASE NOTE: If the attendant/auto-attendant does not issue a ticket, you are in the wrong lot. We do not validate for the parking lot requiring a credit card upfront.


We cannot currently offer valet services. 


There is metered parking along Harrison Avenue. Please do not park in the Whole Foods lot or the Sepia lot as those lots are monitored and vehicles will be towed.